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11 January 2008 @ 10:02 pm
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15 February 2005 @ 09:28 pm
One secret.
One compliment.
One love note.
Lyrics to a song.
How old you are.
How long we've been friends.
And a hint to who you are.

Edit: Haha, I'm a tart and forgot to turn on Annoy. so yeah. It's on now.
06 October 2004 @ 07:35 pm
FU. You know who you are. I have friends-only Live journal now.

Everyone else comment to be added if your not on my friends list.
06 October 2004 @ 12:52 pm
I love this song. Woo. And I changed the layout. It's so simple now, I didn't feel like going through the stress of find a bg and changing everything around. So It's gonna be simple looking for the time being.

And this meme made me smile.

Does he/she love you? by mindmaster
Your name
His/Her name
Does he/she love you?He/she does like you.
Matching scale (%)88
Possibility (%)57
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Haha. I want my plane ticket to Texas now Jeff. =P

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01 October 2004 @ 08:51 am
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01 October 2004 @ 08:30 am
I have no internet at home. Omg this is sad. I'm back in photo with nothing to do. Well, this sucks. My house is boring now, because my mom didn't pay the phone bill, the cable bill, and now the internet bill. So yeah. The only time I'll be online will be when I have free time in photo or at someone else's house. This sucks. =(

Yeah, now I'm off to mess around with this picture of a bridge in England.
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30 September 2004 @ 08:37 am
I'm in 3rd period photo at the moment with Mariaaaaaa. It's very boring for us since we finish the class lesson like 3 days ago. So now we're just looking around on the internet. AIM is being stupid and won't work for whatever reason. So yeah, you suck AIM. I wanna go homeeee. I have 6 more classes to go. I don't even have lunch today. This sucks.
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Haha. Staying home from school rocks. My little sister wasn't feeling good so she wsas planning on staying home. So after my mom told me I was staying home to take care of her, I go back to sleep. Lalala, Libby wakes me up like 30 mins later and is like "I'm going to school, and mommy said she can drive you to school when your ready." And, I'm like half asleep here and I'm just like "screw school, tell mom I'm going back to sleep." So wooo. Then you know it's like 10:30 and I wake up hearing 3 days Grace, and I was all confused, I was like who the fuck is playing "I hate everything about you"? And then I relized that it was my cellphone. So I answer and it was my mom and she's all like "Libby not feeling good, go pick her up". So yeah, good thing I stay home. lol.

Read my V.C Andrews book I picked up at the bookstore like last week. I didn't finsihed it all yet, since its like 3 books in one. It's a really good book. So yeah...anyways. Um, nothing much else to write about. I was suppose to go the French club meeting after school today, but didn't since I wasn't there. I was supposed to go for another club too. Oops. lol. Oh and float meeting too. Lmao, I suck. Oh well.

I'm trying to think of what happened yesterday...nothing really actually. Oh, something happened that I'm reallyyyy happy about. Haha, and Char is like still the only person who knows what I'm talking about. And so fr nothing looks like its gonna ruin my happy mood. Yay. Char came over yesterday, and we made messed up brownies. It's only because the pan we used was to big for the batter. lmao, so its was sorta like a long cake. We played some more of our crazy FF7 game. Lmao, we named them such weird things. But yeah, it's one big inside joke now. lol.
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Aw this sucks. I got so happy about something that happened. And it turns out that I can't be happy about it anymore. And that sucks. lol, I was smiling so much this morning just thinking about it and now I can't!! AND IT SUCKS! Because people lack brain cells. Lmao, and Char is like the only person who knows what I'm talking about.

Pep Rally= Friday, October Feast= Friday, Homecoming= Saturday, Trip with Heather to the mall= Saturday. Lmao, busy weekend for Francesca. Yay. I can't wait for Friday. It's gonna be a blast. I dunno how I'm getting to pep rally, but I'll get there. No baking cookies this year. Char gonna be over at Sharrons, and Eva will prbably be with Jorge. No suprise about that.

We played this cool game in History. I wanna sit with a group of friends and play it one day for fun. Chorus, I sat in the alto section for Heather because she wanted me to stay there. Alto is a part I'll never be able to sing, because the notes will never go up as high as I like them. But "Song of the Sea" is very depressing sounding for the alto's. lmao, poor alto's.

Um, what else? I download like the whole 2 Evanesecence CDs. lol. My dad sent this computer catlog for new computer, its like "Um ok, thanks. What where would you like us to get the money for the computer?". There are some for around $800. But my dad circled the one he thought was best for us, and its $2999. WTF, I don't have that kind of money. kthxbye.

Yes, this is my lovely entry. Enjoy it. (Oh does anyone know when History club is starting up? OR DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE MRS. KELLY ROOM IS? OR DOES ANYONE HAVE HER AS A TEACHER? lmao, if you do, let me know. I need to sign up for some more clubs)
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